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specialists in embrittlement testing

OMEGA RESEARCH is a Testing Laboratory specializing in hydrogen embrittlement. We serve the Metal Finishing and Processing Industry with special emphasis towards Aircraft, Aerospace, and industrial plating processes. The knowledge and experience at Omega runs deep. Not only do we provide a number of tests required by the aircraft industry, Omega stays active in ASTM and AMS committees to stay on-top of the newest trends in the industry. This means that our service is not limited to testing only. If you have questions on specifications, drawing requirements, or you are just new to the industry and need a little help getting started, we have the experience and staff to accommodate your need. Omega Research is the largest hydrogen embrittlement testing laboratory in the World, with 140 (and growing) testing machines on line to assist you.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve our industry and to earn your business.

Testing Services

We have your process control testing covered!

Note: When filling out a request for quote please answer as many of the questions as you can. These questions help us to provide a quick and accurate quote. If you're not sure or you want a quote for a large order please call 940-648-5828 or Contact Us below.

Hydrogen Embrittlement


Per ASTM F519 Hydrogen Embrittlement is a 200 hour (8 days 8 hours) test. Omega can place your samples into test the same day they are received. Reports are available within 9 business days of receipt.

Salt Spray


Omega provides Neutral Salt Spray (NSS) testing for a large number of process specifications. We are also able to help with special testing protocols. Feel free to call 940-648-5828 to discuss your project or click below to request a quote.


ASTM E384 / ASTM B578

Microhardness is called out in a number of hard coat platings. i.e. AMS 2460, AMS-QQ-C-320, AMS 2438, AMS 2424, AMS 2404, ASTM B733, AMS-MIL-DTL-26074, etc... Click below to request a quote.



Per ASTM B571 (Sections 3, 5, and 7) Typical adhesion samples are 1"x4" panels coated in accordance with your process specification. Typical frequency of testing called out in AMS and ASTM specifications are on a monthy basis.

Heat Resistance

AMS 2403 / AMS 2424

Per AMS 2403 / AMS 2404 typical HR samples are 4"x6" or 4"x3" nickel plated panels. Samples are baked at 1000 degree F for a test period of 2 hours. Normally a 48 hour salt spray test is required after HR testing.


ASTM E3 / ASTM F2111 / MIL-DTL-13924

Metallography is the evaluation of structures and/or components of metals by use of microscopy. As received surface evaluations as well as destructive cross-sections are performed at Omega.


AMS-QQ-C-320A(July 20071) / AMS 2460

Porosity testing is called out to be performed on steel 3"x10" panels. Typical quantities are 5 samples each tank. Most process specifications require a testing frequency of every month.

Taber Abrasion

ASTM D4060 / FED-STD-141c(Method 6192.1)

Abrasion testing is performed on 4"x4"x0.063" panels with a 0.25" centered hole. This configuration is necessary to fit the testing machine. Chrome: 2 samples / Anodize: 3 samples


ASTM D2794

Impact testing is typically performed on 3"x6" alclad primed panels. Quantities are called out in the OEM specifications. Please call 940-648-5828 if you require help navigating your process specification.


ASTM B678 / QQ-S-365(February 20011)

Solderability is typically performed on 1"x4" steel panels. Quantities differ from spec to spec. Please call 940-648-5828 if you require help navigating your process specification.

Electrical Resistivity Testing

MIL-C-81706 / MIL-DTL-5541 / MIL-DTL-81706

Electrical Resistivity testing is performed on 3"x10"x0.032" 6061-T6 aluminum panels. Sample quantities are 5 panels each chem film line. Evaluations PRE and POST salt spray may be required.

Etch Inspection of High Strength Steel Parts

AMS 2469

Nital etch inspection is called out in ASTM and OEM specifications for detection of abusive machining and/or grinding processes. The evaluation is for overtempered martensite.

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Former SVP & Deputy CCO of SR Technics

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Lab Technician
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