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Help Archive

This is where you will find tips on how to use our website.

If you have a question you need answered about the use of this site
feel free to send an e-mail to:, your question will be promptly answered and added here.

Several articles have been made obsolete by the new Home Page, click here for more information.

Printing a Document
The pages in the website are fully printable without the need for special "Printable" versions. At the top of each puclication is a link called "Print this Page", clicking it will print the page as you see it.

How to Use the Checklists
First, you must be an Omega Research Inc. client. Call or e-mail us requesting the password to the checklists. Keep in mind that the password for the checklists is the same as the password for the publications, if you have one you have the other.

They are designed to help in correcting plating issues. Print the page that corresponds to the process that you are having difficulty with then answer "yes" or "no" to each question.

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How to Navigate the Site (Sub Pages)
The site can be easily navigated by using the links at the top of the sub-pages, they should look something like:
Home | About Us | Services...

Using the New Flash Navigation (Home Page)
The navigation for the home page appears above the Space Shuttle image (but below the nose of the shuttle). You may click on any of the links before the "movie" is finished. However to see the rollover tips for each link you must wait until the movie has finished.

What is Macromedia Flash™?
Flash is a web design program that designs and publishes high impact web sites with streaming motion graphics, and sound. Flash gives every user the same experience, regardless of your screen resolution, computer type, Browser version, etc. To see the Flash site though, you must have the latest version of the Flash plug-in installed on your system. It is included in all of the recent versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.

Visit the Macromedia site for more info>>

How to Get a Password
Omega Research Clients, you may send an e-mail to giving your company name and the name of the person requesting access. We will return your request by phone or reply to your e-mail.

If you are NOT an Omega Research client you may make a request by calling 817-488-5828 or you may e-mail a request to us at giving your name, company name and your phone number. We will call you to discuss your request.

Site Technology
Our website utilizes the latest web design technology, to enjoy it to the fullest we highly recommend that you download the Flash™ plug-in and have a 4.0 or higher version browser. The Macromedia Flash™ plug-in is a very small download, only taking seconds on a 56k connection. Flash™ will greatly enhance your experience at our site.

Why Does the Accreditation Certificate Load In Pieces?
To make the certificate readable would require a tremendously large image size. Using the latest technology we have told the web site to load it in sections with areas that have text to be clearer, higher quality and the surrounding areas to have less quality. The document is in original form and has not been tampered with in any way.
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Using the Client Log-In Section

Password - A few of our publications require you to login in order to see them. These publications are for our customers use only. An Omega Research, Inc. customer can call or e-mail us to request an account. You will be given temporary login information so you can create a personalized account.

"Logged In" - Once logged in the right panel of Publications page is converted to a clients only area. In this area you have direct access to our engineering staff by using the "Support" form. You can also request a quick quote for additional testing. The latest update to the website will appear under the "News" header.

How Do I Change My Password or Username? - Click "Edit My Information" at the top of the "Logged In" side panel. You are required to enter your password before you can change the information located here.



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