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HYDROGEN EMBRITTTLEMENT - A Guide For The Metal Finisher
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Black Oxide Cracking

The Effects of Acid Cleaning on Hydrogen Embrittlement

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Volume One - Baking Goofs

Volume Two - Specifications
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Volume Three - Goofs in Processing Test Samples

Volume Four - Steel Metallurgy

Volume Five - Aluminum Metallurgy

Volume Six - Corrosion

White Papers

Hydrogen Embrittlement Series Loading

Notched Tensile Strength

Hydrogen Embrittlement Test Sample Orientation: Longitudinal v. Transverse

Notched Tensile Hydrogen Embrittlement Testing: Effects of Grip Joint Configuration & Sample Geometry

Phosphate Coatings - Treatments: The Who-What-When-Where-Why

The Effect of Elevated Temperature Vulcanizing on Primer Adhesion: Chem Film & Anodize Treated Aluminum

FASTENERS: Holding The World Together

Hydrogen Embrittlement: A Historical Overview

Failure Investigation Checklists

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Salt Spray (Chemical Film Treatment)
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Black Oxide
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Cadmium Plate
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Chrome Plate
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Copper Plate
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Electroless Nickel
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Nickel Plate
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Phosphate Coating
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Silver Plate
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Zinc Plate
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Zinc Nickel Plate
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Microhardness of Coatings

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